Performing (initiating) transactions with non-deliverable over-the-counter financial instruments on the Foreign currency /CFD market is associated with a high level of risk

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Margin Requirements and Performing (initiating) transactions with non-deliverable over-the-counter financial instruments Limits

As the transaction size increases, even a minor market movement might have a great impact on your Investment account, therefore as an effort to protect your investment capital from excessive Marginal Leverage, we have implemented a sophisticated Margin Requirement Policy, which you can see below:

Foreign currency Majors Foreign currency Minors Foreign currency Exotics Metals Commodities Shares Indices
TIER 1 0 – 5,000,000 1:100 1 %
TIER 2 > 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 1:50 2 %
TIER 3 > 10,000,000 1:20 5 %


The maximum aggregated notional value per account permitted is 30,000,000 USD.


50% Margin Requirement Hedged applies for all symbols.

Margin Requirement Hedged Example

Assume you open a Buy and a Sell position of 1 lot each on EURUSD, with a Marginal Leverage of 1:100 for a EUR Denominated Account.

Margin Requirement Hedged Requirements = [(2 * 100,000 * 50%)] /100 = 1,000 EUR

How do I calculate Margin Requirements?

To calculate the margin requirements, it is important first to calculate the USD Notional Value. 

Notional Value (USD) Formulas:     

FX Symbols: Lot Size * Contract Size * Base Foreign currency /USD market price

NON-FX Symbols: Lot Size * Contract Size * Price * Symbol Foreign currency /USD market price

Important Notice:

  • 1) If the Marginal Leverage assigned to your account is smaller than the margin requirements Marginal Leverage, your assigned Marginal Leverage will apply.
  • 2) The Company reserves the right to alter the margin requirements, as well as the maximum order for fixing the price of the underlying asset size at any given time without any prior notice, as it deems appropriate, due to abnormal market conditions or any other upcoming economic events/news that it believes will have an impact in the stability of OTC Forex Market ( Over The Counter ).
  • 3) Shares
    Prior to earnings announcement that may cause volatility in the market and/or on a particular share, the Company reserves the right to significantly increase margin requirements (up to 50%), to protect itself and its Clients from running into negative balance.

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