Performing (initiating) transactions with non-deliverable over-the-counter financial instruments on the Foreign currency /CFD market is associated with a high level of risk

Expiration Dates

For certain CFDs, an expiration date may apply. When a CFD contract on a particular instrument expires, all positions that have been opened on that instrument will be automatically closed. The price of an expired transaction will be based on the current available market price, at the time the transaction is executed.

Nearest expiration dates of relevant CFD are listed below:

Expiration Dates

Instrument Rollover Date
COCOA 03/04/2020
COFFEE 03/04/2020
COTTON 03/04/2020
SUGAR 10/04/2020
VIXX 10/04/2020
CORN 24/04/2020
WHEAT 24/04/2020
COPPER 24/04/2020

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